It sounds and seems like a wild concept, unless you truly recognize and consider yourself an expression and extension of the natural world. One look into Nature, and the effortless thrive is self-evident! Even in death & decay... Nature continues to grow, flow, move energy, and create and transform life with absolute ease. 

The concept of effortlessness when it came to the health and well being of my body was completely foreign to me until I began studying and practicing Ayurveda, and using it as a means to navigate taking care of both my own body/mind/spirit, as well as the "health and wellness" industries that dictate the culture the raised me.  

As a product of modern consumer culture, I was inadvertently taught that health and wellness are and can be attained through "lifestyles" and "identities" that we adopt through the things we consume, rather than the natural state our genius and self-healing bodies wants to be in, to support however we choose to live. The problem with this is that we actually avoid getting to know our bodies, and often view it's health as separate from our mind and spirit. 

What Ayurveda taught me was the connection of all things living, and how to integrate myself and my own health and well being into that. 

It gave me the framework to understand how to constantly support the healing my body does naturally. How to listen when it talks, and most importantly, how to reply! It taught me how to align the health of my body with Nature and attain that effortless thrive. 

Ayurveda taught me that TRUE HEALth is actually a state of effortlessness. It's not a DIEt, plan, supplement, drug, number of work outs - it's not something that you have to force your body to do! It taught me that I am not at war with my body. The health and wellness industries exist because we do not know this. 

Health is being able to listen to your body, knowing how it works, and being able to respond with love and intention. Health is not only eating real, whole, natural foods, but using them as medicines to support the natural healing processes of your body. 

Effortless health is not only POSSIBLE, it is INNATE.

It is the state our bodies are always seeking! We've just been taught that the way it talks is a symptom which indicates damage, rather than a sign of healing, life, strength, resilience.

True health requires some effort to shift our perspective, trust our bodies, and break the habits that we have been taught by these industries, and as products of a consumer culture, but true health IS, just as we see in the Nature we are undeniably a part of, a state of effortlessness! 

We are human BEings after all. Not human DOings.

If you are interested in learning more about Ayurveda, or finding your own state of effortlessness, click here and schedule a free discovery call with me. My mission is to help people reclaim their body and reconnect with its innate healing knowledge through  Ayurveda-inspired  holistic lifestyle consultations, workshops, and intensive 1:1 coaching programs. 

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