7 Rituals for Reclaiming Your Power

Happy New Moon in Scorpio.

With the energy of Mars behind it,  this new moon honestly feels more like a full moon. We are planting seeds per usual, but this process inevitably involves transformation and release as well. Scorpio is never afraid of the darkness that always and necessarily accompanies the light.

Our self care routines are rituals that ultimately carry and support us through every transformation we encounter. This blog post is about simple self care rituals for reclaiming your power and supporting/ your transformations within this reality that profits off dis-ease. 


1. Cook your own meals.

Even if you are re new to cooking, or feel like you struggle to make healthy choices, remember the power of intention. Cooking your own food, even if it's not what you perceive to be "THE healthiest" is infinitely more nourishing due to the energy & intention with which you prepare it. 

Say a prayer. 

Remember that the food you eat is literally the building blocks for what you become -- putting that responsibility in your own hands is not only a step towards reclaiming your power in a world that functions on disempowerment, but also an important message to your highest self in the creation of a reality that best supports you. 

2. Sweat daily 

It does not have to be a crazy work out. You do not even have to step foot in a gym. You can drastically improve your health by walking more, and simple BREAKING a sweat every day. As in, damp forehead, not even sweat through your clothes. It's also FREE.

Living  in a world that is constantly bombarding us with toxins - many of which we have no choice but to encounter makes detox infinitely more important - and sweat is the best way to do it. 

Want to support your body and heal faster? Sweat daily!

3. Meditation 

Drop the notion that you have to "know what you're doing," or "be good at it". Can you breathe? If yes, then you can meditate, lol! 

Sit in a comfortable position, commit to a number of breathes, close your eyes, focus on counting just those breaths. When other thoughts come up, release them. Increase the number over time. 

It's no secret that "modern culture" exists in a state of distraction -- that's because if we could actually focus on what's happening in the present moment, we might just realize we have everything we need right here and now -- and that's simple not profitable. 

Break the spell. Meditate. 

4. Charge in the Sun

Did you know that Apollo was the God of sun and light, but also medicine and healing? If you're with me on Instagram, you know that the sun is my favorite medicine, & nothing is more of a red flag than the lies we have been told about it. 

The sun is well known for supporting healthy Vitamin D levels, but it also supports so many other systems as well. Exposure to the sun can actually reduce the risk of cancer and autoimmune disorders, help with inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, and release endorphins, which reduce stress and boost our mood

Even if it isn't a sunny day, getting out into natural light is essential to a balanced existence - especially with the influx of blue and unnatural lights in our currently lifestyle. Spending time outside in the rising and setting sun is key to tapping in to your innate rhythm and wisdom, aligning with the earth, and can help you sleep better too. 

5. Grounding 

Do I even need to explain the benefits of GROUNDING? Have you been outside? There is an insane sense of peace and stress release that follows putting our feet to the earth and breathing fresh air. 

Compare the feeling that you get from being outside in the sun with your bare feet on the ground to the feeling you get on a crowded subway train, or after you have spent hours in front of a screen, ate processed garbage or watched the news all day.

These readily available poisons are designed to create dependency on a system that was never designed to support our health and well BEing, but rather continue the DO-ing of those who profit off dis-ease -- the destruction of the body and the planet... or in other words, death. 
Aligning yourself with the earth is both choosing life and the ultimate revolution. When we heal ourcellves, we heal the world.

6. Affirmations 

I doubted the power of affirmations for a long time. It felt awkward and corny. I started by writing them down, and grew into saying them out loud, and felt the benefits expand. Sometimes immediately I am met with magic when I choose to intentionally affirm that I am magic.
Words are SPELLS - cast them in your favor. 

As a former political theory student, and someone that has always been critical with the way that I engage with consumer culture, it is very obvious to me that this reality functions primarily by preventing us from being able to see the real power that is inside us. 

From the advertisements on TV, to all systems of indoctrination that raise us, and beyond - we are constantly told that we aren't good enough. That we aren't capable. That we are not worthy of love. That we need something from outside of ourselves in order to feel full. 

"They" create a void so that they can sell us promises of ways to fill it. 
Fill it yourself by affirming your power every day, LOUDLY. 
Want to reclaim the power that you ARE and always will be? Affirm it.

7. Talk to a Higher Power 

I was not raised religious, not do I subscribed to any organized form. However, the existence of something greater than me is something I simply cannot deny. Take a look around. Acknowledging this and speaking directly to it like its your friend has insane benefits I have only recently discovered.

Call it GOD, Call it THE UNIVERSE. Call it fucking BOB, I don't care call it whatever you want! But it's there. Talk to it. 

Knowing and speaking to the presence of this energy is a major key to reclaiming of your power because this is all that truly stands above you.

No human, no system, no government can infringe on the freedom of someone who knows deeply that.
This is why they say that World War 3 is spiritual. 


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