CREAMSICLE -  Blessing Butter

CREAMSICLE - Blessing Butter

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This listing is for the Blessing Butter Jojoba formula.
The original is made with Olive Oil.
Jojoba is a non-comedogenic oil that nourishes and conditions all skin types. 
It is not as heavy as olive oil,  and often preferred by oily/acne prone skin because it helps to control sebum production. 


It has been time-tested for centuries yielding amazing results.
The fatty acids in pure grass fed tallow are similar in molecular structure and composition to those found in the protective outer layer of healthy, youthful human skin, and sebum. This makes tallow easier for your body to use– allowing it to absorb easily into the skin, improving the protective barrier function of the skin, preventing moisture loss, and regenerating overall appearance. 
Ready for sexy glowing skin?
Use on body, face -- even as a hair/scalp treatment. You could eat it if you had to! Because I use high quality, natural, organic ingredients ... 
✨  Local grass-fed tallow*
✨ Cold pressed jojoba oil sun infused with dried rose & calendula *
✨ Scented with essential oils. This one came highly requested!
A combo of sweet orange & vanilla essential oils. 
✨ Comes in a 4oz amber jar